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Open Access

Below are the guidelines for Open Access artists who may use the studio for their own work with minimum technical assistance.  

  • Sessions MONDAYS 10:00 – 18:00 (Closed on Bank Holidays) Once you have had an induction

  • Cost per hour is £6 per person (minimum session - 2hrs)  

  • An induction course would be about 15 – 20 mins. long and would cost £15.00. Only people who are competent printmakers will be able to attend the Open Access sessions. There must be a strict standard of ability to allow someone to work largely independently  

  • I will be present at all Open Access sessions as technician only  

  • Maximum of 3 people can attend.  

  • All artists need to sign the T&C contract, read the Health & Safety sheet and be fully aware of the consequences of using the print room.

  • Materials.   a) You can use what is available at the studio.  b) You can bring your own materials. Any Paper, plates used from the studio will be charged for. And a nominal 20 pence per session is charged for ink.

  • General consumables such as tissue paper, scrim and newsprint are be included in the session price.​

  • Open Access can be booked in the studio or contact me either by email or mobile for available times. mob: 07962023113